Since having been appointed by the Abbot Shi Yong Xin, the Chief Master of Song Mountain Shaolin Temple in China, the Venerable Yan Chong, Chief Coach of Shaolin Kung Fu, established the SCCC in 2007. It remains the only authentic Shaolin cultural centre in Toronto, Canada.

The SCCC is a non-profit organization. Its main goals include gaining a better health and promoting martial arts ethics. It seeks to develop obedience and discipline; practise the Mahayana Buddhism doctrines, and propagate the spirit of compassion. The centre advocates the Shaolin's 1500 years of profound culture and Chan (Zen) Buddhism including the purification of the mind. It strives to improve the understanding amongst nations and peoples, to enhance the East and West cultural exchange and praying for a Peaceful world.

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  • To assist Canadian Chinese with learning and understanding about their Chinese culture and heritage;
  • To share the world unique Shaolin Culture with all Canadian societies;
  • To introduce the Shaolin Wellness Health Kung Fu Program. With regular practice, the seniors and the middle aged benefit from improving their blood circulation, recovering from fatigue, cleansing and strengthening of their internal major functional organs and limbs;
  • To practise the Shaolin Kung Fu which helps to develop adults' and children's physical and mental well-being, adaptability and perseverance;
  • To learn the Shaolin monks' great compassion, the spirit of endurance, and to preach these themes to the populace.
  • To participate with sincerity and dedication in multi-cultural and charitable events;
  • To improve the relationship and respect between Canadian Chinese and other cultures, and to live a productive life in peace and in harmony;
  • To promote Canadian cosmopolitan culture in local and international settings and to allow more people to have a better understanding of its beliefs and characteristics;
  • To publicize about Canadian successes and opportunities to Chinese all over the world;
  • To seek opportunities for the SCCC to further contribute to our multi-cultural societies.