July, 13th, 2014
Happy Shaolin Summer Picnic

June, 9th, 2014


Buddhism Art Gallery

May, 31, 2014
Toronto Buddhism Ceremony / 多倫多浴佛法會

May, 6, 2014
International Buddhist Confederation of Canada - 2014

May, 6, 2014
Cham-Shan Festival with thousand people

February, 11, 2014
New year activities

January, 13rd, 2014
Welcome Master Shi, Neng-Zhao from Wu-Kong Temple (Jiang-Xi)

January, 31st, 2014
Visit Master Da-Yi in Canada Cham Shan Temple during Chinese new year 2014.

December, 21st, 2013
Traditional Chinese Medical Lectures - Dr. Qi-Xin

December, 15th, 2013
Kids Annual Elite Certificate of Achievement

October, 30th, 2013
Kids Halloween Night

October, 11st~13rd, 2013
Shao Lin Cultural Festival 2013 in LA

June, 18th~28th, 2013
10 Days Health Wellness Camp

June, 1st, 2013
Participate Toronto Buddhism Unity

May, 11st, 2013
Buddha day & Mothers day Festival - International Buddhist Confederation of Canada

April, 28th, 2013
Participate 7th Anniversary of Mahayana Pure Land Temple

December, 14th, 2012
Shaolin Cultural Center Holiday Dinner

October, 2nd, 2012
Participate Toronto Buddhism Unity

July, 31st, 2012
Visit Elder Xing-Kong & Master Da-Yi at Canada Cham-Shan Temple

June, 2nd, 2012
Performance of Master Yan-Chong & students for Canadian Cancer Society and donation of $1500 CDN.

May, 13rd, 2012
Participate Buddist Compassion Relief TZU CHI Foundation 46th Anniversary in Toronto

May, 24th, 2012
Participate the dinner of Conservative Party of Canada

April, 6th, 2012
The ceremony for the 6th anniversary of Pureland Temple

January, 14th, 2012
Public class at Xin Wang Jiao plaza

Summer, 2011
2011 Summer Belt promotion ( Adult / Children Kung Fu Class )